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Overhead and cable lines

As part of the conducted activity, we engage in comprehensive construction and reconstruction of high-voltage lines and highest-voltage lines. Our work is carried out, both, on the territory of Poland, and abroad.



While augmenting our potential and building up our brand, we have initiated a process, the overriding objective of which is, to earn customer trust through comprehensive execution of high voltage stations 110kV, 220kV, 400kV in the GIS, HIS technology.


Design services

Designing is the basis of every single project work. By basing on ample experience, we design lines, as well as repairs, modernizations and constructions of new facilities.

About us

ENPROM Sp. z o.o. is a resilient company ensuring the highest quality of provided services, on both, domestic and foreign market, in the electric power engineering sector.

The company is based on experienced, reliable and excellently trained staff, managing and supervising projects, as well as workers of high qualifications and multiannual experience in electric power engineering sector. Multiannual experience of the staff and right equipment infrastructure let us accomplish just any tasks in the scope of construction, reconstruction and repairing of high voltage lines. We are talking of a company, which vigorously has entered the market thanks to it being modern, due to its abundant technical infrastructure, as well as high quality and effectiveness of the services provided, which in 100% has let to perfect organization of project work. All these characteristics translate into growth tendency and excellent development of the company, more and more satisfied partners and growing trust among Polish ad foreign investors.

ENPROM Sp. z o.o. performs several contracts for the benefit of PSE S.A. (Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A.), and for Polish distribution companies. On the foreign market, it has contracted many projects in Ireland, where among others it participates in the project of modernizing transmission lines at the ESB Networks facilities (Electricity Supply Board), the national provider and operator on the Irish market.

We are convinced that shall you make contact with our company and initiate co-operation, both sides shall reap benefits out of such venture.

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Certificates and references

ENPROM Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing company, having as its objective to become a leading provider of construction services in the high voltage power sector.

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ENPROM Sp. z o.o. has realized and all the time realizes several projects in the electric power engineering sector. We are presenting just a few from the performed by us investment projects.

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