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ENPROM Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing company striving to become a leading provider of construction services in the high voltage power sector in Poland.

The policy of integrated management system is realized by means of the following measures:


  • Meeting our customers’ expectations and requirements;
  • Co-operation with reliable suppliers, which fulfills both our company’s and our customers’ requirements;
  • Provision of services in set time;
  • Hiring qualified and competent staff, as well as constant improvement of their skills;
  • Involvement of all workers in continuous improvement of quality at all levels of the organization;


  • Preventing pollution by minimizing the quantities of solid and liquid waste, as well as emissions of CO2,
  • Fulfilment of all legal provisions, in the field of natural environment, which are ascribed to the company, and considering the requirements of other interested parties,
  • Raising awareness among the company staff by communicating the corporate policy in the scope of environmental protection and suitable training programs, and motivating workers to act in a way that is responsible towards the environment and in accordance with the principles of this policy;

Safety and hygiene at work:

  • striving to continuously improve work conditions;
  • preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases;
  • considering opinions of the staff with respect to improving safety and hygiene at work;
  • application of modern and safe work technology;
  • effective internal and external communication in terms of safety and hygiene at work;
  • provision of resources for keeping our safety and hygiene at work policy;
  • supervising workers’ adherence to the legal regulations and principles in terms of safety and hygiene at work;
  • setting conditions of employment with the purpose of eliminating as many work-related accidents as possible, as well as injuries and other potential perils, which could take place during work

Policy of Integrated Management System of ENPROM Sp. z o.o. provides strategic directions of corporate development, and its fulfilment is guaranteed by implemented and perfected, Integrated Management System, composed of qualitative, environment and safety and hygiene at work elements, oriented at fulfilment of customer requirements, legal provision requirements, and other relevant requirements. We are promoting qualitative, environmental, and safety and hygiene at work awareness at every level of corporate organization, since the provision of quality, safety and hygienic work conditions, as well as care for the environment is the responsibility of every single worker. The Integrated Management System at ENPROM Sp. z o.o. is accordant with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and  PN-N ISO 18001:2004 standards.


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