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We implement multi-million investment projects in Poland and abroad (e.g. in Denmark, Ireland, and Lithuania). Our tasks include, among other, designing, construction and modernisation of both 110kV and highest voltage lines, modernisation and installation of new OPGW wires, as well as refurbishment of transmission lines and construction of distribution networks.

We offer comprehensive implementations of power investments, from designing and preparation phase of  a project, through the purchase of materials, construction-assembly work, to the commissioning and tests as well as maintenance and repair works.

EnUp! – innovative device for raising the transmission towers on power lines

ENPROM is a company that is constantly developing. It is obligatory to be always one step ahead of the competition. If we encounter with problem, for which the market doesn’t have the solutions - we create them ourselves.

Modernisation of cross-border line 400 kV KASSØ-FRØSLEV

Enprom performed the construction work on the high voltage line 400kV KASSØ-FRØSLEV that connects Denmark and Germany power systems. The investment has replaced the 220kV line and will increase the transmission capacity between the two countries at almost half up to 2500 megawatts.

Full refurbishment of the 110kV Krasnystaw – Rejowiec line

Full refurbishment of the 110kV Krasnystaw - Rejowiec line in the Lublin province included dismantling of the old line and then adapting the new line to the changed operating temperature of the phase conductors.

Modernisation of traction power substation Otwock

The scope of work covered the comprehensive modernisation of PT Otwock in the scope of substation building and the surrounding area. The substation has been equipped with new devices and apparatus ensuring security of network power supply and enabling remote supervision over the most important devices.

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