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EnUp! – innovative device for raising the transmission towers on power lines

ENPROM is a company that is constantly developing. It is obligatory to be always one step ahead of the competition. If we encounter with problem, for which the market doesn’t have the solutions – we create them ourselves. That’s why we have our own design office, R&D department, innovation and new technologies department, modern machinery and fleet of drones in our structures. We focus on innovation, we implement proprietary technological solutions, we try to stay ahead of reality. For our team of excellent specialists, nothing is impossible. And that’s why we could afford to create the device that allows you to lift the transmission towers without outage. EnUp!, this is the name of our machine, it is not only an innovation in our industry, but also, in the future perspective, time and financial savings. The importance of this solution is best evidenced by the fact that, as the first company in history, we received two awards at the ENERGETAB 2021 fair: the Cup of the Minister of Environment and Climate and the Gold Medal of the Polish National Grid (Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne).
EnUp! was created as part of research and development in the field of mechanics, hydraulics and electrics aimed at designing and testing of innovative device for lifting the towers of 110 kV, 220 kV and 400, among others on the live lines without the outage. These researches were part of a project co-financed by European funds granted by the National Centre for Research and Development.


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