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We implement multi-million investment projects in Poland and abroad (e.g. in Denmark, Ireland, and Lithuania). Our tasks include, among other, designing, construction and modernisation of both 110kV and highest voltage lines, modernisation and installation of new OPGW wires, as well as refurbishment of transmission lines and construction of distribution networks.

We offer comprehensive implementations of power investments, from designing and preparation phase of  a project, through the purchase of materials, construction-assembly work, to the commissioning and tests as well as maintenance and repair works.

Stringing work on 400 kV Gdańsk Przyjaźń – Żydowo Kierzkowo line

Stringing work was only a part of the whole investment, which comprised the construction of more than 120km of a new 400kV line. The new line, being a public purpose investment, is a response to the most important power needs of Pomerania.

Construction of the 110kV Szczebrzeszyn – Biłgoraj line

ENPROM modernised almost 24-kilometre section of the 110 kV Biłgoraj – Szczebrzeszyn line. The investment began in autumn 2018 and was completed 3 months before the deadline. The modernisation of the line improves the reliability of power supplies, enabling to shorten potential black-outs and to limit transmission losses and costs.

Reconstruction of the HV 110kV Barłogi – Kłodawa Salt Mine line

The reconstruction of the HV 110kV Barłogi – Kłodawa Salt Mine line was necessary due to the special conditions that prevail in the location of the line at the salt mine.

Construction of the 400kV Ełk bis – Polish border line

The construction of the two-way 400kV line from Ełk to the border is among the most important investment projects implemented by ENPROM. The 112km-long line was constructed during 19 months at the turn of 2014-2015.

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Stringing work on 400 kV Gdańsk Przyjaźń – Żydowo Kierzkowo line